Falling in Love with an Escort

Many of us won’t admit it, but we are a little like women. That is, sexual relations, even with an escort can pull our emotional heart strings. Yes, admit it. Men have feelings too. So how does it happen? For me, a hobbyist, who plays the field, I found a Vancouver escort who I wanted to see more than once. Now I know at the beginning, she only sees me as a client and not her boyfriend. She is a working girl and not expecting anything but as I see her over and over again, approximately once a week, I notice her feelings emerging too.

Let me describe her. I believe she is new to the industry because I have never seen her ads before. She is 21, at least that’s what she tells me. She has all the right curves with just a touch of baby fat, and the most beautiful smile. She advertises herself as a Vancouver GFE but that means different things to each of us. She allows me to kiss her, deep kissing. She lets me dine at her “Y”, and she licks and sucks my cock bareback (BBBJ). So how did I fall in love? Was it the combination of being inside her and kissing her? Was it the repetition over time of feeling comfortable with her?

I can’t put my finger on only one thing, it just happened. So what now? Does that make me her sugar daddy? Should I stop seeing her knowing that we can never have normal? I know some guys have escorts as girlfriends but I never thought I would be one of them. I haven’t even told her how I felt. I am afraid it may scare her. We have started to entertain ourselves out of the bedroom for dates such as dinner and a movie, or an evening at a Vancouver comedy club. I only pay a set fee per week now, not by the hour. Am I being played or did I play myself? How did I let this happen?

I want to take her away from all this. I am the fool. I fell in love with an escort. I have put a lot of thought into my situation. I have a couple choices but know if I go on, I can not share her. I have made up my mind. I will see her for six more months, then ask her to be just mine. I will mentally prepare myself to walk away alone with that small ray of hope that she says yes. For now, I enjoy the fantasy I am caught in with my GFE, my sugar baby.

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